This is the home of the International Association of Black Religions and Spiritualities (IABRS). Welcome! IABRS is a unique organization that represents the religions and spiritualities of darker skinned peoples globally. The organizations boasts an extensive network of delegates of women, men and youth from all over the world representing an impressive array of different religious and spiritual traditions. The Association is driven by profound commitment to justice and the creation of a free, open and better world. Its motto is Another World Is Possible . The Association promotes and advocates for the well-being of those who have been victims of discrimination on the basis of the colour of their skins. It disseminates information about its work and about the struggles of darker skinned peoples everywhere. It is at once inter-religious and ecumenical.

On this website you will find information about the Association’s mission statement, its history, a list of delegates, etc. If you have questions about the work of the Association please feel free to contact us by just clicking on the contact us button on the navigation bar to the left.

Please direct question regarding the website to Edward P. Antonio at eantonio@iabrs.org

The work of the Association is funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation of New York.

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